Powered with a team of more than 10 engineers we work on projects throughout the day where carefully crafted designs are created and existing designs are optimised. In these tasks we take into account several principles like: static and dynamic stress, usability, efficacy in production and assembly.

Designing is our passion in which we not just meet all requirements but also take safety hazard very serious. In continuous co-operation with our clients we are able to construct the most complex constructions. Our NEN1090-3 certificate is a proof of competence in this matter.

Our mission is producing new concepts and acquiring insights on how to realise the idea in a realistic and efficient method. We will set up design sketches taking into consideration your requirements, environment, space transport possibilities and available budget. By offering our knowledge and experience we add to the innovation in your company. The corner stones to our company execution are: attention to detail, desire to deliver quality and competent counceling in realising the project within the available budget.