Cutting steel using plasma technology

TR Engineering is specialised in cutting metal sheets up to thickness of 60mm (steel). We own 3 cutting benches of which the biggest one has a dimension of 14.000 x 4000mm. The plasma laser cutting machines are equipped with HD cutting heads which can cut sheets with high accuracy. It is also possible to allocate central points for drilling or engraving codes in the sheets.

Cutting steel using laser technology

For high precision work TR Engineering uses a fibre laser bench which can cut up to a thickness of 15mm (steel). This enables cutting thin metal sheets with high cutting quality and fine edges. Laser cutting is applied for parts where accuracy is important and cutting is done with lower tolerances.

  • Accurate up to 0.03 mm
  • Oxidation and burr free edges
  • Possibility to cut very small holes (sheet thickness x 0.4)