TR Engineering possesses a blast and paint area. In many cases parts of constructions need to a coating layer applied. We often produce these parts for offshore industries which is a field of high demands and challenging requirements.

Sandblasting steel will remove all impurities from the surface area. It's important that oil and rust are removed. After sandblasting the metal's surface will be available for other metal adjustment processes like metalization or direct coating.

Metalization is the most efficient method of warding of rust and is applied to metals that are used in aggressive environments like sea or petrochemical industries. It is frequently applied in offshore projects because it offers cathodic protection.

Advantages of metalization

  • Variable layer thickness (no cumulation of leftovers like in galvanisation)
  • Very long life span
  • Cathodic protection
  • Relatively easy to repair in case of damage

Industrial paint works
Depending on the demands, the protective coating will be applied after metalization. In this process only certified coating materials will be used. The choice of coating will be very specific to your project. The following coatings are available

  • Anti corrosion coating
  • Heat- and blast proof coatings
  • Acid proof coatings

Controll and inspection
After every application of these solutions it is highly important to inspect the layer thickness. The measurements should correspond to the delivered layer thickness. The temperature and humidity of the material will be controlled as well.