Steel sheet piles

In 2004 TR engineering had supplied its first batch of cold pressed steel sheet piles. As of that year, we have been specialising in the field and we can offer a year capacity of more than 30 000 ton. By enforcing our network with partnerships (Intra BV and Meever Group) we are producing products that are used throughout the whole world.

Length Width Thickness

1.000mm – 14.000mm sheet length 

Up to 2.000mm sheet width

Up to 10mm thickness (S355JRC – S355MC)

Advantages of cold pressed steel sheet piles

  • Wider than warm pressed steel sheet piles
  • Lower square meter weight which enables efficiency on raw material
  • Lower weight per square meter
  • Possibility of ordering both small and large batches
  • Flexibility and short delivery period
  • Possibility to create different shapes



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